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Lids fall in and fingers get cut from sharp lid edges? There’s an EASIER, FASTER, and SAFER way to remove lids from your cans with Safety Can Express. Now you can pop the top off and leave perfectly smooth edges on the lid and the can. And after it’s open, the lid stays put. Safety Can Express actually unseals the lid from the side, leaving smooth, safe edges. Just place your can and press down on the lever. Safety Can Express breaks the can’s airtight seal open without cutting into the lid. You’re left with edges that are incredibly smooth. Safety Can Express works with regular lidded cans and pop-top lids. Easily remove the lid and discard without the frustration, without the spilling, and without cutting yourself! There’s no more squeezing handles, no twisting your wrist. Best senior aid can opener sold today! Newest kitchen equipment on TV.

Electric can opener
Opens cans fast
Unseals sides for smooth lids
Works on regular lids and pop-top lids
Easily opens cans with one-touch
Stylish black and chrome finish adds a contemporary flair to your kitchen
Reuse the lid to seal the can for leftovers
Prevents splashing and seeping
Just align the can then hold down the lever
Measures 4.7X 10.5X 5

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