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Roybi Robot Smart Toy

Smart Educational Learning Robot Toy For Kids Named by TIME the best invention, Roybi Robot is an AI-powered learning toy robot for kids in language learning and a STEM robot toy. Ships Worldwide – US Free Shipping.

Our purpose is to help every child learn at their own pace and focus on their individual interests, abilities, and strengths. I come with over 50 0 lessons, 70 categories, 70,000 vocabularies, and growing.

How It Works
After the setup, your child can immediately play with me. No supervision or teaching experience is required.  
Everyday, I play several lessons in different subjects. I can detect when the answer is right or wrong and guide your child to practice.  All lessons are created with proven teaching methods and come loaded on the app. Sit back and check your child’s progress.
Recommended age: 3-7

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