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Are you driving under the influences of medications? Do the medication you take affect your cognitive abilities or motor functions? Is your vision impaired thru lack of distance and peripheral sight? Too busy on your phone to pay attention to the car ahead of you? One too many beers after work? Do you ignore your prescription warnings? Is your mobility and cognition capable of stopping a vehicle 4000 pounds or more? Your risking lives not to recognize your disabilities. You are actually being very selfish!

Between 2011 to 2013 I slowly lost my peripheral sight and distant sight. I found that I had a lot of hard brakes at lights and not being able to see stopped traffic ahead. At intersections, I could not see vehicles coming toward the side of my vehicle.

I became really scared when I lost my defensive driving skills. I had to give up my keys. Arrangements had to be made for good folks to get me back and forth to my cardiologist and eye appointments. My driving ability to and from work was gone. Driving was a freedom hard to give up! It was hard to give up country roads and a trip to the 7-Eleven.

Are you a risky driver with keys? I am and not afraid to own up to it.

I write this blog article to inform folks that it is OK to give up your keys. Never get into a car intoxicated. We didn't have cell phones in the 70's and we survived till we got to a pay phone. Don't be selfish and risk the lives of others because you choose to be distracted by your phone.

I found peace thru blogging 2 feet from this electrical box of information. I found interest in many hobbies that do not require travel. I also have several people who care enough to take me on country drives. Technology advances with self driving cars will soon help millions of disabled drivers all around the world. God teaches me patients every day. Self driving cars will be our future in God's time and only his time.

Life doesn't get any easier when you get old. God taught me that all life is important. I pray everyday for proper direction with life skills learned. God will always find a way for your purpose. Get rid of those keys in the appropriate time. You will definitely save lives!

Most vehicular laws now states that anyone who drives a vehicle in a negligent manner and causes the death of another will have committed a criminal homicide — this is considered a felony conviction.

The 2018 crash rate for drivers ages 16 and 17 is almost nine times as high as that for middle-aged drivers. Seniors 80 and older are involved in 5.5 times as many fatal crashes per mile driven as middle-­aged drivers. Vision, cognition and motor function are responsible for higher crash rates for older drivers. If you seek help on physical activities, are you really a safe driver?

In 2015, 14 million civilians aged 18 to 64 were estimated to be involved in accidents caused by drivers aged 65 and over, according to a new report. Vans, utility trucks, pickup, and large truck alcohol-impaired driving fatalities increased since 2016.

Please share and save a life!


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Leading Cause of Death on U.S. Roads is Drunk Driving

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