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Introducing the first emergency light the you can ALWAYS count on! It's not just a light stick with an ergonomic grip, it also directs and focuses the light at what you want to look at instead of shining in your eyes! Always ready in an emergency, the PluckLight can be plucked off the wall in a power outage, plucked out of your car as a flare in an accident, or even put underwater without being damaged.

Because of the Patent Pending carrier your light is more powerful, more direct, and can even be easily covered if you don't want to be seen.

Affordable, safe in gas leaks, and using technology trusted by the US Navy and US Coast Guard in even the most dangerous environments. Put a PluckLight in your place today!

Sold as a 2 pack or case of 10.

Other great uses:

- Map reading

- Camping

- Flying

- Boating

- Hunting

- Many more!

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