Laser Hair Growth Comb RF EMS Photon Massager Anti Hair Loss Hair Regrowth Brush

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Laser Hair Growth Comb RF EMS Photon Massager Anti Hair Loss Hair Regrowth Brush

This hair growth comb uses the latest soft laser technology, generates 650nm low level laser energy which stimulates hair follicle, activate the cell and improve metabolism. 14 special massager head can relieve headache and pressure, improve the absorption of tonic. This high technology hair regrowth comb is really appropriate for people who want a hair-regrowth, or people who has white hair, oily hair and other hair issues.


Item Type: FR Laser Hair Regrowth Comb

Color: Gold, White

Power Supply: AC 100-240W 50/60Hz

Power: 3W

Photon Wavelength: 630-650nm

Size: Approx.18.5x4.5x5.5cm /7.3x1.8x2.2"


Functions of RF & Laser hair regrowth comb

This comb integrates RF, EMS, Laser / Ozone, Red photon, massager functions.

How does laser work for hair re-growth?

Accelerate blood circulation of scalp, and improve metabolism.

The laser with low-power can help to accelerate blood circulation on forehead by 20-30% and top of the head by 40-60%. Based on that, laser can help the oxygen and nutrition lead to hair follicle, which helps to prevent hair loss.

Stimulate hair follicle

The laser with low-power can stimulate the hair follicle effectively, and improve the immunity. Besides, the laser can activate the 83% of hair follicle which is in donnant state to reduce hair loss and regenerate hair.

Helps Reduce oil excretion

Excessive oil excretion is one of the reasons to result in hair loss, and the reason of excessive oil excretion is sebaceous gland swelling. Excessive Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), oil acid, and linoleic acid from oil result in hair follicle narrowing, even atrophy, which eventually cause hair loss. The laser with low-power can narrow sebaceous gland and reduce oil excretion to prevent hair loss.

Effective for hair loss due to immune system disorders

The laser with low-power can enhance immunity, such as phagocytosis of leucocytes, which can increase phagocyte and enhance activity of macrophage to increase Y globulin and alexin, accelerate rebirth of vessel and regenerative cell division, as a result, it helps hair re-growth.

Improve scalp health and hair quality

The laser with low-power can accelerate hair re-growth and enhance tightness, density and elasticity of hair, finally, the hair becomes shining.


The comb stimulates the scalp by RF and microcurrent (EMS) to dredge blocked pore, activate the hair follicle in dormant state, which helps to complement hair nutrition and consolidate the hair root.


With Sterilization function, it can decompose nuclease quickly and kill the bacteria, during the therapy, it goes deeply into the hair follicle to clean the trash and get health back.

Red photon: enhance metabolism, accelerate drop of dead cells, and re-generate new cells.


With micro-wave massage, the comb can stimulate the hair follicle during combing hair, which can help hair regrowth.

Package Included:
1X Hair Regrowth Comb
1X Base
1X Power Adapter
1X English Manual

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