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Join LOLJerky - Made In The USA

Great tasting craft beef jerky delivered to your door monthly. Healthy, all natural and American made. LOLJerky sends you gourmet beef jerky that's hard to find anywhere else. Every month, to your door.

it can be hard to find high quality jerky. Jerky you find at retail stores comes from factory  farms from all over the world. Cattle fed chemically enhanced corn and live in piles of dirt and injected with all different kinds of  hormones and antibiotics. I'm sorry but that's just not the right way to  raise an animal and we choose not to put that in our body.       

We are really into fitness, like eating clean (Paleo) and we like traveling. The one issue we always ran up against is what to eat on the  road. We would pack up some almonds and have to settle with whatever the local grocery store had for jerky (which wasn't very good). This is why we created LOLJerky, to solve this very problem.

By partnering with various local farms we get the best Jerky out there at the best price.  

Choose how many bags you want to receive a month and leave the rest to us. Just look for the LOLjerky bag in the mail every month!

We no longer want to put mass produced junk in our bodies.

We also provide Gift Jerky!

How It Works:

Size Of Jerky Box + Plan

Tell Us Where To Ship It

Receive Delicious Jerky

Just a taste of what some of our boxes contain:
Righteous Felon Craft Jerky 
True Jerky  The Sinsa Korean BBQ Jerky  
Dried and True Spicy Teriyaki Beef Jerky
Thick Jerky Sriracha Honey Turkey Jerky

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