Hemp Joy™ Compression Socks

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Hemp Joy™ Compression Socks

Suffer from swollen, numb legs when you sit or stand too long? We have an easy solution to help relieve pain and increase circulation. Hemp Joy™ Compression Socks help energize tired, achy legs for fast relief. When blood pools in your legs or feet, swelling occurs. Hemp Joy™ Socks use graduated compression, which pushes blood towards the heart instead of allowing it to pool, thus relieving swelling. You’ll also reap the pain relief benefits of compression thanks to increased blood flow and circulation, which reduces inflammation. Other compression socks can trap heat and sweat. Not Hemp Joy™  Compression socks. They’re woven with hemp fibers. Thanks to hemp’s amazing moisture-wicking properties, these compression socks keep you cool and dry! You’ll envelop your feet in luxurious comfort when you slide on a pair of Hemp Joy™ Compression Socks.


Moisture-wicking compression socks
Promotes increased blood circulation
Helps reduce inflammation & swelling to reduce pain
Woven with hemp fibers 
Keeps you cool and comfortable
Graduated compression pushes blood toward the heart
Ideal for sitting or standing prolonged periods of time
Great for air travel, pregnancy, and more
Fits any size shoe
Sock Body material: 65% polyester, 20% nylon, 15% lycra
Sock & Heel material: 46% cotton, 30% polyester, 20% hemp, 4% lycra
Includes one (1) pair of Hemp Joy™ Compression Socks


ARE HEMP JOY™ COMPRESSION SOCKS HEAVY? Hemp Joy™ Compression Socks are lightweight like a standard cotton sock, so you’ll be able to fit your foot into most shoes. WHAT SIZE SHOULD I GET? Hempvana Hemp Joy™ are sized as follows • S/M - Men shoe size 6-9, Women shoe size 7-10 • L/XL - Men shoe size 9-12, Women shoe size 10-13 IS THERE A NON-SLIP COATING ON THE BOTTOM OF THE SOCK? Hemp Joy™ Compression Socks are made to fit comfortably in your shoes, so there’s no unnecessary coating on the bottom that can interfere with your foot’s comfort within your shoe. WILL THE SOCKS SLIP DOWN DURING THE DAY? Hemp Joy™ Compression Socks stay in place all day long - until you’re ready to remove them. WHAT IS THE MATERIALS ARE THE SOCKS MADE OF? Sock Body material: 65% polyester, 20% nylon, 15% Lycra Sock & Heel material: 46% cotton, 30% polyester, 20% hemp, 4% Lycra

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