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Bay View Packing includes all of your gourmet favorites. The Gourmet Pickled Food Sampler includes one 9 oz jar each of Pickled Turkey Gizzards and Pickled Eggs, one 12 oz jar of Pickled Pork Hocks, and one 8 oz jar of Pickled Polish Sausage. No refrigeration is needed for your favorite pickled treats. They are best when eaten within 3-4 months.

Bay View Packing is a family-owned business specializing in pickled meats and delicacies. They are based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Their old-world pickling techniques and traditions have been passed down for over five generations.

NEW PACKAGING PET Plastic jars - Four jars, weight varies Turkey Gizzards - 9 oz - count based on how product is cut Pickled Eggs - 9 oz - approximately 5 eggs Pickled Pork Hocks - 12 oz Pickled Polish Sausage - 8 oz - approximately 13 sausage halves No refrigeration needed before or after opening Best when eaten within 3-4 months The Pickled Turkey Gizzards are uncured, natural Grade A gizzards, uniformly graded in size and cooked under careful supervision. They're pickled in a special brine sauce, enhancing the flavor of this meaty product for your dining pleasure. The Pickled Eggs are fresh Grade A Large hard boiled eggs that are peeled after highly controlled cooking, and processed with pickling brine. Pickled Pork Hock pieces (not whole pork hocks) are cut from a full pork shoulder and center cut to give the meatiest and leanest hocks. They are all sliced, trimmed, and packed by hand. The Pickled Polish Sausage is made with the finest cuts of beef and pork for a perfect blend of flavor with a deep smoked coloring.

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