Frenched Rack of Lamb

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1.5 lb. Frenched Lamb Rack


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Frenched Rack of Lamb

From the rib primal of the lamb, this elegant French rack cut lamb is ideal for entertaining. Roast it whole and carve it tableside for a stunning presentation. Conversely, slice it into rib chops or lamb chops (aka lamb lollipops) then grill or pan sear for equally impressive results.

Raised Right Lamb
Brothers Matt and DJ Kyle, and their cousin Nathan Hatch are the real deal. Stewards of the earth, animals and local community, they have taken such excellent care of their 1000 sacred acres that their land is now protected by the Genesee Valley Conservancy. Hyper vigilant about the health of the flock, their water is spring-fed, and their sheep graze on pasture with a supplemental diet of locavore feed (all produced within a 10-mile radius of the farm).

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