Colorful Induction Suspension Crystal Ball Children Feixiang Toy Wrestling

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Product Name: Night Pearl Sensor Product features: LED lighting, induction Product packaging: window box Product accessories: aircraft, data lines Charging time: 30 minutes or so Product Features Function: rise, fall, induction control operation instructions. No remote control, open the switch aircraft is a low-speed rotation, the speed reaches a certain lift will take off! After the crystal ball takes off, a certain height in the air will drop, and then reach out to the bottom of the crystal ball feet, the sensing distance will begin to start. Product features: equipped with colorful LED lights will be very beautiful after the start by the children like Special statement: The aircraft has a built-in charging line, can only be inserted in the computer above the charge, and charge the attention of the aircraft when the "switch" off! The product due to the lighter, but also has a sensing function, may be because of strong light or wind, and interfere with the signal to accept, resulting in the aircraft will lose the signal, it is not suitable for playing outside Can add water drops remote control: you can start and stop the aircraft, open the switch, press the start button to start, if you want to stop it in flight, just press the start button can be easy to worry. Package Content: Aircraft * 1

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