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Butterfly pop up features a light green cover laser-cut with a white-petaled flower being approached by a bright orange butterfly. Inside the beautiful Butterfly card, a monarch butterfly rests upon a pink and white flower with its orange and black wings spread out wide. The background of the card features a delicate green color that makes a lovely backdrop for a thoughtful note. Inspiration for the Butterfly card: 3D designer Jennifer found inspiration in her childhood "garden lady" neighbor, whose perpetually blooming flowers would attract delicate, white butterflies.

An appreciation for the beauty and symbolism of a butterfly is something that Jennifer kept in mind while crafting the pop up. She wanted to match the elegant gardener and her flocks of butterflies, and after many iterations, the Butterfly pop up was complete. Another component that inspired Jennifer was bittersweet. She says, “For many children, the butterfly is also their first taste of loss. When the butterfly finally spreads its wings, it is also time to set it free.” Occasions for the Butterfly card: The Butterfly card is perfectly paired with the Daisy Patch to be given to a child on their birthday to replace the butterfly they let go in science class or a passionate gardening grandmother, who can enjoy its beauty throughout the year. Butterflies are a symbol of transformation and hope and bring joy to those who have recently suffered a loss. Also, a meaningful gift for a loved one in recovery. The Butterfly pop up is blank, so you are not limited to any occasion when gifting this lovely card. Size: The Butterfly pop up card is 5 inches wide by 7 inches tall. Quantity: One elegant 3D card with one blank envelope and the Note, a little note card that tucks away with your own personal touch.

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