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There is nothing like a group vacation. Families and friends get together for a much awaited break that takes them away from their mundane lives for a few days. Whether you're planning a long, overdue reunion or putting together a memorable bachelors' trip, group trips are simply awesome. Planning a group vacation could sometimes be tricky. Some may want a beach vacation while some may want a culturally rich city. Some may favor a metropolitan for urban exploration while some may look for an adventure up in the mountains. It is no less than a challenge to zero-in on a destination that matches the preferences of everybody we thus come up with many group travel ideas that would cater to the needs of all the explorers. From the most exotic beaches to the most historically and culturally affluent destinations-- find deals and offers to all the popular destinations in the world. Fly with us and savor the best-in-value travel deals and gift yourself with some of the most beautiful memories to cherish.

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