Bavaria Summer Sausage - 3 pack

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Bavaria Summer Sausage 3 Pack contains three 12 oz. sausages. Mix or match, or get all three in your favorite variety. Choose from five varieties including All Beef Summer Sausage, Pfefferjager Sausage, Cheddi-Beef Summer Sausage, Cajun Summer Sausage, and Salami. Bavaria All Beef Summer Sausage is a blue ribbon award winner which is naturally hickory smoked for outstanding flavor. Other choices include Pfefferjager Summer Sausage which gets its wonderful full-flavored taste from red and green Brazilian Peppers--spicy, but not hot; Cheddi-Beef Summer Sausage which uses Bavaria's original Beef recipe with a mild blend of Wisconsin Cheddar bits added within; Cajun spiced summer sausage, and Salami. Pile on the sausage with cheese and crackers for the perfect picnic or party treat!

3 Sausages - 12 oz., each Choose desired flavors from the dropdown options above Mix or match your choice of All Beef Summer Sausage, Cajun Summer Sausage, Cheddi-Beef Summer Sausage, Pfefferjager Summer Sausage and Salami Sausage has pork casing Product contains no MSG, Monosodium Glutamate

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