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Atomic Beam Flashlight

Atomic Beam™ Flashlight is a powerful tough-grade tactical flashlight. Its LED lights shine astonishingly bright. Not only is this LED flashlight water-resistant and shock-resistant, but it also features a lightweight, compact design. Stash Atomic Beam™ in your bag or glove compartment easily. There’s an adjustable focus, from a spotlight to floodlight. Choose from 5 beam modes: high, medium, low, S.O.S., and strobe. The S.O.S. and strobe settings are perfect for roadside emergencies. Atomic Beam flashlight has a tough-grade aluminum case so it can withstand almost any abuse.

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Astonishingly bright
Adjustable focus: spotlight to floodlight
5 beam modes: high, medium, low, S.O.S., strobe
Tough-grade aluminum case
Shock-resistant and water-resistant
Lightweight, compact design
Requires 3 AAA batteries or 1 rechargeable 3.7V lithium-ion battery

WHAT TYPE OF BATTERIES DOES ATOMIC BEAM™ TAKE? Atomic Beam™ flashlight require 3 AAA alkaline batteries, which are not included. Optionally, you can use a rechargeable 3.7V Lithium Ion battery type 18650, which is also not included.


HOW DO I INSTALL/UNINSTALL THE BATTERY? Unscrew the back end of the flashlight. When you remove the back, you’ll see a battery cradle. Remove the battery cradle and install a AAA battery into each slot. Replace the battery cradle, then screw on the cap. To replace batteries, follow these steps to remove old batteries from the battery cradle and replace with new batteries.

WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN LUX AND LUMEN? A lumen is the amount of light that is radiated from a source. Lux tells you the illumination intensity in a given area.

DOES ATOMIC BEAM™ FLASHLIGHT INCLUDE A HOLSTER? An official holster for Atomic Beam™ flashlight can be purchased separately.

DOES ATOMIC BEAM™ FLASHLIGHT HAVE BELT CLIP? Atomic Beam™ flashlight includes a wrist strap. While there isn’t a belt clip option, a holster with a Velcro belt loop is available to purchase separately.

WHAT BEAM MODES ARE INCLUDED AND HOW CAN I USE THEM? Atomic Beam™ flashlight includes the following 5 beam modes: low, medium, high, SOS, and strobe. The low, medium, and high settings allow you to customize how strong you want your Atomic Beam™. The SOS setting is perfect for emergencies where you need assistance, like in your car or on your boat (always call 9-1- 1 if you have medical emergency!). The strobe setting is perfect for warding off intruders, or drawing attention to oneself.

HOW DO YOU CHANGE THE BEAM MODES? Clicking the power button will turn the Atomic Beam on and off. Once the Atomic Beam is on, gently press down on the power button to switch through the different lighting modes.

HOW DO YOU ZOOM THE BEAM IN OR OUT? When you remove Atomic Beam™ flashlight from its retail packaging, it is already in the zoomed-out position. To zoom in, pull the head of the flashlight away from the body gently. When you find your desired zoom position, simply stop and the position will hold. Push the head of the flashlight in so its flush with the body when you want to zoom out completely.

WHAT IS THE CASING OF ATOMIC BEAM™ MADE OF? Atomic Beam™’s case is made of tough-grade aluminum.

IS ATOMIC BEAM™ FLASHLIGHT WATERPROOF? Atomic Beam™ flashlight is water-resistant. While the flashlight shouldn’t be submerged in water, you can use it in inclement weather, such as rain and snow.

WHAT DO YOU GET THE WITH DELUXE ATOMIC BEAM™ FLASHLIGHT? The Deluxe Atomic Beam™ flashlight includes a rechargeable battery and battery charging holster so you never spend money on batteries for your flashlight.

I JUST TRIED TO ORDER A DELUXE ATOMIC BEAM™ FLASHLIGHT AND I’M UNABLE TO SHIP TO A PO BOX. WHY? Merchandise with rechargeable batteries require a physical shipping address. We are unable to ship items with rechargeable batteries to a PO Box.

WHAT IF I DON’T LIKE MY ATOMIC BEAM™ FLASHLIGHT? Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. if you are dissatisfied with your Atomic Beam™ flashlight for any reason, simply return the product within 30 days for an easy refund of your purchase price, excluding shipping and handling. See our return policy for more information. Exceptions may apply.


Atomic Beam Lantern - $19.99

Atomic Beam Carrying Case - $9.99

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