Air Police Air Purifier & Nightlight

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Compact Wall Outlet Air Purifier


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Air Police Air Purifier & Nightlight

The air in your rooms look clean to the naked eye, but may be contaminated with inanimate microscopic particles — until now! Air Police attracts and collects unhealthy particles from the air, for fresher, cleaner air guaranteed! Air Police is the advanced air purifier that’s portable and plugs right into the wall. Using the latest in ionic air technology, its permanent stainless steel filter attracts and collects unhealthy particles from the air that are so invisible you need a microscope to see them. To clean, simply pull the filter out and wipe down with a cloth. You’ll be amazed at what the Air Police is collecting from your home. And since the stainless steel filter is reusable, you’ll save money over time!  Don’t let its size fool you. Air Police is compact but powerful enough to clean the air fast. It works 24/7 to reduce food odors, musty smells in the basement, and it even fights smelly odors and dander from pets. Running completely silent, Air Police air ionizer is great for the bedroom. With its ON/OFF light, Air Police makes a great nightlight for the kids’ rooms, too! 

Great air purifier for home & office.


Latest Ionic technology purifies the air without motors or fans
Permanent stainless steel filter wipes clean
Built-in LED nightlight with ON/OFF Switch
Great for every room in your house
Cleans the air 24/7
Attracts and collects unhealthy particles in the air
Plugs into any outlet - take it room-to-room
Reusable filter saves you money over time
Runs completely silents - great as a nightlight in the kids’ bedrooms
Works great to remove smelly kitchen odors, musty basement odors, and pet dander

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