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Artisan aged steaks are the perfect way to complete your next BBQ. What better way to complete your order than with our Premium Angus Top Sirloins.

Every steak we offer is certified USDA Prime or upper-1/3 USDA Choice, putting our steaks in the top 2% of beef worldwide. Each steak is hand-selected and hand carved to ensure you get the best cut possible, and then dry- or wet-aged to intensify its naturally delicious flavor. That is why our steaks are among the most flavorful, juicy, and tender steaks you'll ever eat. They're the same amazing steaks you'll get at 5-star restaurants like Jordan's or Ditka's. Use Promo Code: 6SIRLOINS - after adding $119 or more to your cart to receive 6 Free Sirloin Steaks. Only one promo per order. Must ship with an order. Valid while supplies last.

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