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If you like space exploration or have a child afraid of the dark, the moonlight lamp will be perfect complement for your home.

This lifelike night scene has been made to look like the moon, and on the surface there are craters and rocks to simulate the surface of the moon. In addition, the moon will also send a soft white light, really looks like a moonlight (as the name suggests), and with a soft white light to illuminate the surrounding area. You can put it in any place you like. This will be the perfect complement to your child's bedroom or home office, and you only need a pleasant relaxing light.


Unique design, high quality

Add some warm atmosphere at home

Energy saving and environmental protection

NiteCore Extreme, press until the brightness is right for you

New LED light source, built-in rechargeable battery, touch switch, Promise dimming, two-color switch, support USB power supply

Processing technology: FDM-3D printing one molding

Lamp wattage: 0.1w-1.5w

Surface accuracy; 12.5um Life time: 6H-12H

Product material: edible grade degradable

PLA Charging: 3 hours Light source: LED

Product power: 1W

Rated voltage: 110v-220v

Charging type: USB

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