12 LED Lamp String Makeup Mirror Lamp USB Cosmetic Dressing Salon Barber Shop White Light

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Item Type: LED Makeup Mirror Light

Number of light Bulbs: 12 LED

Installation Method: Special Adhesive Paste at the Bottom

Power Supply Mode: USB Universal Interface

Supply Current: 5V 2A

Power: 2W  

Gross Power: 12V

Appearance Material: PC

Dimmer Switch: Five-range 

Product Size: 5.2m (power line: 2.2m+Maximum length line of lamp group 3m)

Can Adjustable lamp distance

Bulb Size: App 4.1x2.7cm

Package Size: App 24.5x17.5x3.5cm

Net Weight: 210g

Package Included:

12 x LED lamp

1 x Instructions

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